Let’s Be Blunt: 6 Biggest Rolling Mistakes

2 · 07 · 23
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Blunt rolling is a fun and a great way to create a unique experience for new and seasoned heads alike. But rolling a blunt can be tricky to master. So, whether you’re a novice or complete stoner, we’re breaking down the different types of rollables and some of the most common rolling mistakes people make.  


Types of Rollables 


Rolled smokables are a great way to share your ganga with a group of friends. However, there is more than one type of rollable that you can enjoy. Here’s a quick rundown. 




difference between blunts, spliffs and joints; bay city dispensary 

Blunts are one of the most popular rollables on the market and are a real treat in a group setting because they are rolled in thicker wraps and contain more bud. Typically, a blunt holds one or more grams of weed, and the thicker wrap allows it to burn slower. Traditionally, blunts are rolled with the wrapper from a cigarillo, so it contained both tobacco and marijuana. With the growth of the cannabis market, blunt wrappers are available in a wide range of materials and flavors ranging from unflavored organic hemp wraps to flavored tobacco options. 




difference between joints, spliffs and blunts; bay city dispensary 

Dazed and Confused, Pineapple Express, Up in Smoke — these are the movies that made the joint iconic. Joints are at the center of stoner culture, making an appearance in movies and songs on the regular. Simply put, joints are ground bud rolled in rolling papers of your choice. Rolling papers come in different lengths, flavors, and materials. Some opt to add a filter or crutch in their joint to add durability, but this is optional. Glass tips have become more popular in recent years and many folks report that they make rolling joints easier on the fingers. 




difference between joints, spliffs and blunts; bay city dispensary 

Spliffs fall in between blunts and joints, as they contain a mix of flower and tobacco. While the ratios can be altered according to your preference, typically its two parts cannabis to one part tobacco. By adding more tobacco you can stretch your bud over a longer period of time. It has also been said that nicotine enhances your high. 


Want to learn more about the differences between blunts, joints, and spliffs? We’ve got you covered– read our blog where we go into more detail.  




Now that we’ve got the basics down for what to roll, here are some of the biggest rolling mistakes people make when rolling their own weed and what you should do instead. 


Using a crappy grinder 


Using a quality grinder to grind your flower is critical to rolling the perfect blunt. Without grinding the right consistency, a joint can burn unevenly. Cheap grinders can leave chunks of bud or grind irregularly, creating a nonuniform filler for your blunt. Therefore, be sure to first invest in a good grinder. 


What is a high-quality grinder? First, grab yourself a metal grinder. Most plastic grinders aren’t designed to provide a good grind. Metal grinders often have “teeth” with edges that shred your flower more effectively. Many also have “kief catchers” where a small screen allows for trichomes –the part of the plant with the cannabinoids– to collect in a small compartment at the base of the grinder. Over time, your kief builds up and you can use it to make your own infused joints! 


Under filling the wrapper 


You should be using at least one gram of cannabis per joint. The amount depends on the size of the rolling paper and how many people are partaking. If there is not enough flower, the blunt could only be big enough for one person. Try to aim for one to two grams of flower per joint. 


If you’re at the end of your eighth and need to stretch your herb a little, a spliff is your best bet. While smoking tobacco can be harmful to your health, we recommend keeping a small amount of high-quality organic tobacco on hand. Just like with flower, the quality of your tobacco will shape your smoking experience. Make sure you find a tobacco brand that meets your tastes.  


Not moistening the blunt wrapper 


Before you begin rolling a blunt, make sure to moisten the wrapper. This will make it more pliable and easier to roll. A dry wrapper is more likely to tear or crack, which can ruin your blunt. We recommend keeping a small cup of water handy and gently applying the smallest amount of water with your fingers. Less is more here. You can always add a few more drops, but if you are too aggressive with the water, the wrap may become too limp to work with and you will have to wait while it dries a little before rolling up.

Rolling too tightly 


Whether you are adding too much flower or rolling too tightly, stretching the paper too thin makes it difficult to roll and can cause the blunt to burn too quickly. Rolling the blunt too tightly can also make it difficult to smoke and can cause the blunt to burn unevenly which is called a “runner” and can make smoking a little awkward. Use just the right amount of grass to fill the wrapper comfortably and make sure to roll the blunt loosely enough to allow for proper airflow. 


This is something that takes practice so don’t be discouraged if your first few blunts are not exactly what you had hoped for. It’s okay, you can always re-roll your joint or blunt if need be. It may be worth getting a few cheap wraps or a pack of rolling papers before you roll up with that premium organic mango flavored hemp wrap, you’re saving for a special occasion. This is an area where practice make perfect. 


Rolling too loosely  


On the other hand, rolling a loose joint or blunt makes it nearly impossible to keep it lit. A loose blunt also fails to compact the filler and you run the risk of chunks of hot resin-covered flower hitting the back of your throat. A perfect roll up is wrapped so that there is enough tension throughout for even burning. Again, this takes practice to get right. Be patient with yourself. It may even be fun to show case your “epic fails” on rolling to your friends just for a laugh.

Not sealing the blunt properly 


A poorly sealed blunt can come apart while smoking, which can be a real bummer. After rolling, make sure to seal the blunt properly by licking the edge of the wrapper then pressing it down firmly. Then, run your lighter along the edge to finalize the seal. If you have time, you might consider letting the blunt air dry on its own as sometimes  


By avoiding these common rolling mistakes, you can improve your skills and enjoy a better experience. Remember, practice makes perfect! With a little patience and a lot of practice, you’ll be rolling perfect blunts in no time. 

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