CBC vs. CBCa

what is the difference? 

CBC comes in at third place for most common cannabinoid, right behind CBD and (everyone’s favorite) THC. However, even though it is not number one, it has an important job to do – keep the plants healthy. Unlike THC, CBC does not get you high, but some researchers suspect that it works with other cannabinoids to offer mood elevation.

the 411

Quick Facts about CBC
Quick Facts about CBCa
  • AKA the ‘Mysterious Cannabinoid’ because little known about it
  • Non-psychoactive
  • When CBC works with THC it may offer some mood-elevation
  • CBCa goes through a process called decarboxylation (being heated up) to become CBC
CBC May Reduce
CBCa May Reduce
  • Inflammation
  • Effects of THC
  • Research is ongoing
CBC May Improve
CBCa May Improve
  • Mood
  • Brain cell performance
  • When combined with THC, CBCa can improve mood.
Where to Find CBC Products
Where to Find CBCa Products
  • Your nearest High Haven dispensary
  • Ask your budtender if they have any products with the CBG percentage on the label.
  • Fresh flower naturally high in CBCa
  • Tinctures specifically formulated with CBCa
  • Online vendors that product hemp-extracted rare cannabinoids

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