all about Eucalyptol

Summary: Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by nature and towering eucalyptus trees. That distinctive calming smell is thanks to eucalyptol. 

With a familiar cooling aroma and calming effect, strains with this terpene may be just what you need after a long day at work. While eucalyptol is not as common a terpene as, say, myrcene or humulene, stoners will still find strains with hints of refreshing menthol have a decent amount of this terpene.

the 411

Eucalyptol Fun Facts
Flavors and Aroma
  • Eucalyptol draws its name from the eucalyptus tree
  • It’s commonly used in a variety of over-the-counter medications
  • It’s often used in aromatherapy
  • Minty
  • Tree Tea
  • Earthy
May Improve
May Reduce
  • Neurological Function
  • Breathing
  • Immune System Response
  • Inflammation & Pain
  • Congestion
What Do I Ask my Budtender?
What Products Do I Look For?
Ask your budtenders for strains that smell like…
  • Mint
  • Cooling
  • Menthol
Shop for strains with a subtle “cooling” aroma that should remind you of menthol. Look for lab reports with the percent of eucalyptol listed in the top three terpenes.

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