A New Thanksgiving Tradition Without the Hangover – Danksgiving 2023 

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High Haven Dispensary presents… a stoner-friendly Thanksgiving celebration that will leave you even more thankful than ever before. This unique cannabis-friendly “Danksgiving” event will be taking place on “Green” Wednesday, November 22nd, at the iconic Hollywood Blvd Cinema,  Bar, and Eatery in Woodridge, IL. This one-of-a-kind celebration kicks off at 9:00 PM and promises an unforgettable evening of entertainment, community, and cannabis camaraderie!  Come celebrate Thanksgiving with us, whether you’re coming home for the holiday or need a  new reason to be grateful. 

The festivities at this event include SESH BUS, Whiskey Tasting by Cody Road Bourbon  Whiskey, Cannabis Bazaar featuring cultivators’ pop-ups & vendors, giveaways, food & drink specials, DJ Icey, and an overall jazzy time. 

SESH BUS is here to make cannabis accessible and fun for everyone. They are black & female-owned and, on a mission to change the cannabis industry for the better. Whether you’re looking to extend your venue, promote a new product or offer your guests an Instagram-worthy experience, the Mobile VIP Lounge can be customized to create the WOW factor you and your brands are looking for. 

*Special shout out to Cresco for sponsoring the smoke on the SESH BUS! 

Featured Films 

Pineapple Express To purchase tickets, please click on one of the movie links. 

High Haven Dispensary invites attendees to enjoy a special screening of the cult classic film  “Pineapple Express” at Hollywood Blvd Cinema. Immerse yourself in the hilarious adventures of  Saul and Dale while surrounded by a like-minded, cannabis-friendly audience. 

Animal House – To purchase tickets, please click on one of the movie links.

Classic Hi-Jinks at its best. What better movie to see while home for Thanksgiving break?  TOGA TOGA TOGA! Cody Road Bourbon Whiskey is the sponsor for Animal House. 

Thanksgiving – To purchase tickets, please click on one of the movie links. 

Soon to be a holiday classic. Making you a little more thankful as the turkey isn’t the only thing being carved up this Thanksgiving. Horror House is the sponsor for Thanksgiving (movie). 

An Event First of Its Kind 

At High Haven, we make it known to push the envelope and introduce & educate the masses. We believe this event will be a chance to experience that, giving it the first taste of cannabis in the suburbs. Our team has been allowed to create a safe space for cannabis consumers to connect with the plant, expand our culture, and partake in a unique entertainment experience. We promise to always keep educating our communities about cannabis’s benefits and responsible consumption.

Get Your Tickets! 

Tickets for this one-of-a-kind event are priced at $12 and are available for purchase at https://www.hollywoodblvdcinema.com/events/danksgiving/. Attendees must be 21 years or older to participate, and a valid ID is required for entry.  

Event Details:  

  • Date: Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023  
  • Time: 9:00 PM onwards  
  • Location: Hollywood Blvd Cinema, Bar, and Eatery, 1001 75th St #153, Woodridge, IL 

Pineapple Express: The Magical Strain 

Like Bill Hader once said in Pineapple Express – “Ah, well, sir, I feel like a, like a slice of butter…  meltin’ on top of a big ol’ pile of flapjacks.” With this strain, it helped many people reconnect with the plant and fall in love with it again, launching a whole new wave of what cannabis can be. Highlighting years of innovation and perfecting the art of growing. Pineapple Express has become a Hall of Famer among modern strains. With a sweet happy high that then leans on the tropical flavor, good vibes feel and overflow into uplifting sunny effects. It’s a fan-favorite strain,  combining 60% Sativa for energy and imagination and 40% Indica for tranquility and pain relief.  Pineapple Express is widely known for its recreational effects, including euphoria, energy boost,  relaxation, creativity, and enhanced sensory experiences. For those of you that are new to cannabis, or timid about the plant, this is a great strain to start with. Pineapple Express is a  strain that promises a memorable experience. 

All Hurry, No Worry. Incredibles has a new Pineapple Express – Fast Acting Formula edible that is a delicious fusion of innovation and indulgence. Tropical sunshine, delicious juicy pineapple,  and a faster onset to match your busy life. Quick, sweet, and to the point, Incredibles Fast  Acting Pineapple Express gummies are perfect for those in search of a swifter, more balanced edible experience. All aboard! Made with 100% pure cannabis oil in a perfectly blended mixture to ensure accurate dosing and consistency.

*Want to see what all the hype is about? Get some goodies before the big event, try New  Incredibles Pineapple Express Fast Acting 100Mg gummies for .01 with proof of event ticket purchase and in-store purchase! 

* Good while supplies last 11/20-11/22 


This event is for adults 21 years and older. Please consume responsibly. High Haven  Dispensary and Hollywood Blvd Cinema, Bar, and Eatery encourage responsible cannabis use and compliance with all local laws.  

Black Friday Beanie Freebie @ High Haven 

It’s getting cold out there… Stop into High Haven Dispensary in Darien on Black Friday (11/24),  spend $100, and get a free badass black beanie from The Gas Station. While supplies last! No snitches allowed. Swag for the people we love.  

Thanksgiving Week Discounts 

Be on the lookout for Pineapple Express specials!

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