all about Myrcene

We’ll bet you can clearly recall that classic skunky smell we all associate with killer herb. When you inhale that skunky sour smell that grabs you by the third eye, you are smelling Myrcene.  

Myrcene is so common that you’ll find it in about 40% of strains. But it doesn’t matter if the strain is an indica, sativa or hybrid – all three generally contain high levels of it. One of the key benefits of myrcene is its ability to increase the amount of THC your brain can pick-up.  

This means that strains with mild THC levels, but a deep skunky smell will get you just as stoned as strains with higher THC levels. Next time you find that super skunky flower or concentrate, ignore the THC level and grab it – you won’t be disappointed. 

the 411

Quick Facts
Flavors and Aroma
  • Myrcene is prevalent in many fruits and veggies especially mangos
  • Myrcene may increase the body’s ability to uptake THC (aka get you even more high)
  • Skunky
  • Gassy
  • Fruity
May Improve
May Reduce
  • Psychoactivity
  • Sleep & Relaxation
  • Intensity and speed of high
  • Stress
  • Pain & Inflammation
  • Restlessness
  • What Should I Ask For?
    What Should I Buy?
    Ask your budtender for strains that contain this terpene and smell...
    • Skunky
    • Gassy
    • Fruity
  • Look for strains with a strong skunky aroma and a strong chemical tang to it. If you’re familiar with the aroma of IPA beers, that’s the smell you’re going after
  • Look for a lab report that has the percentage of myrcene as one of the top three terpenes
  • Ready to hit the books?


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