Does the Percentage of THC Matter? Why Higher THC Does Not Equal Better Weed

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Does the Percentage of THC Matter?

The more THC, the better the flower, right? Well, it might surprise you to find that it is actually not the case. The percentage of THC on the label holds little meaning when it comes to the quality of the bud in your hands and is, in fact, an unreliable indicator of its true grade. The percentage of THC on the label doesn’t mean anything to the quality of bud you have on your hands and is in fact a very bad indicator of the grade. As Forbes said, “Judging a cannabis strain on its THC content is not unlike judging a film based on the lead actor. The THC number isn’t going to be an indicator of the performance.”

 Why is this and what does matter? Let’s dive in. 

What Does Potency Mean?

There is a very wide range of what the industry considers to be high potency, but in general, anything that is more than 20 percent THC, or 200 mg/g, falls in that category. In fact, the potency of cannabis products has actually risen from 4 to 17 percent! Why the increase? Well, more THC means more money –  but remember, it’s not about the percentage of THC; it’s all about the quality of the bud. 

How to Identify Quality Bud

Does the Percentage of THC Matter?

Identifying the quality of weed is more important than the percentage of THC.



High-quality flower comes from a sturdy and healthy plant that produces incredible ‘buds’ that are tightly packed and have vivid trichomes that look like crystals all around the surface. The best of the best show off with vibrant shades of green, orange, blue, or even purple. On the other hand, a bud that is dull, yellow, or brown is a good indicator that the quality is poor. 


When it comes to the smell of good weed, it should be dank. This means you should get strong notes of fruit, grass, pine, and earth. These smells come from what is known as terpenes and each strain has its own cocktail of terpenes to craft its unique smell and effects. These terpenes are a good indicator of the entourage effect you will feel. On the other hand, bad-quality weed will smell like wet grass, hay, mold, or even nothing at all.


Good flower will be sticky, but at the same time, it should be easy to break apart. It should never be dry or crumble in your hands when you break the stem (we’re not looking to smoke dust). It is important to note though, you might find buds that feel sticky from the resin glands, but that is okay (actually great) as it is a sign that it is high quality.  

Will a Higher THC Increase My High? 

We’re here to debunk the biggest urban legend in cannabis – a higher percentage of THC will not make you feel higher. Yes, if you consume a 70 percent THC concentrate there will be more THC in your body than 10 percent THC of flower, but you will not feel more of its mind-altering effects. 

This finding actually came about from a recent study that was conducted at the University of Colorado at Boulder and it proves that there are many factors that go into THC and the feeling of being high –  not just the percentage of THC. These factors include everything in terms of a flower look, smell and touch as listed above.

How Can I Make Sure My Weed is High Quality?

At High Haven Dispensaries, we ensure that our products are coming from top-notch, reputable cultivators and manufacturers. Also, our budtenders are experts in their craft and are there to guide you through each product to help you decide which is best for your lifestyle and experience level for an incredible journey every time you light up. 

Our Darien, IL location will be opening its doors soon. We can’t wait to help you discover high-quality products and an epic high. 



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