CBN v.s. CBNa

what is the difference? 

If you’re looking for deep relaxation or a good night’s sleep, then CBN is your new BFF. While CBN is only mildly psychoactive, when paired with THC, it’s a potent pathway to the world’s best night on the couch with your favorite movie or a great night’s sleep. Products with CBN may be highly sedative, so make sure you don’t have much to do. Even a small amount of CBN may make that afternoon nap look like the best idea you’ve ever had.

the 411

CBN Quick Facts
CBNa Quick Facts
  • CBN is what THC and CBD evolve into as flower ages
  • Overheating your flower when making edibles also results in high levels of CBN
  • CBN when combined with THC creates a highly potent sleep aid
  • No intoxicating
  • Acidic precursor to CBN
CBN May Reduce
CBNa May Reduce
  • Inflammation
  • Sleeplessness
  • Research is ongoing
CBN May Improve
CBNa May Improve
  • THC Effects
  • Appetite
  • Research is ongoing
Where to Find CBN Products
Where to Find CBNa Products
  • High Haven Cannabis
  • Ask your budtender if they have any products that include CBN.
  • The leftover toasted herb from flower vapes.
  • Flower that’s several months old (it will be very stale).

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