Refund Policy

Please Read Our “Make Good” Policy Carefully

  • We strive to make EVERY opportunity right and we ask that ALL requests pertaining to product performance, quality or failure, be addressed within 30 days of purchase.

  • All purchases are final and once the product has left the building, no product may be brought back into the dispensary.

  • If you believe a product has not performed as promised, we want to make it right- Please contact us by email not phone.

  • Items needed: Pictures or video of any perceived product failure (ie; cracked vape, crusty/dried out or contaminated product, etc). Original packaging (pictures/video of said product), receipt.

  • Email pictures/video of the failure, packaging, and receipt and please include a brief explanation of what the opportunity is.

  • Instore: Ask to speak with a manager regarding your issue and be prepared to share pictures/videos/receipts.

  • It is our goal to ensure YOU, our customer, receives a resolution that corrects any failure, misrepresentation, or contamination. Please be mindful that consistency, smell, potency, and other subjective reasons may not be deemed a failure or defect.

  • Our service professionals will work to resolve ANY concerns you have.