Dosing with tinctures

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Tinctures are cannabis extracts made from food-grade alcohol or plant-based oils like glycerin. Tinctures offer a smokeless way to experience the plant’s numerous benefits and come “raw,” meaning they have no added flavors or foods, or may be incorporated with a flavor like

You may opt to orally consume a low-calorie cannabis tincture “raw” without any added flavors or foods. Alternatively, you may incorporate a tincture into a favorite soft recipe like ice cream, soup, or even mashed potatoes. Tinctures are easy to measure, as they come in a dark glass bottle with a dropper typically marked in increments of 0.25 milliliters, though measurements may vary. You should store your cannabis tincture in a cool, dark place and expect a shelf life of anywhere from three months to two years depending on the chemical components of the tincture.

Fast Acting Edible PERKS & DOSING

Tinctures are the second fasting acting method of consumption, second to inhalation. Tinctures take effect faster than edibles, but the effects do not last as long. Tinctures are often food-grade oils and glycerin infused with cannabis.

Precise dosing

  • Micro dosing is much easier when you can dose drop-by-drop
  • Ideal for newcomers or folks with a natural sensitivity to cannabis


    • No smoke or vapor
    • Little to no aroma
    • Looks like you’re taking an herbal supplement 


  • 5mg to 15mg is the sweet spot for most folks

  • Edibles with a 1:1 balance are ideal for newcomers

  • Low-dose edibles are recommended for folks naturally sensitive to THC


  • 30 – 45 minutes

  • Eating edibles on a full stomach increases onset time


  • Have a light snack with your edible; fatty or not
  • Keep non-infused snacks around for when you have the munchies (e.g., regular cookies, gummies, etc.)
  • Take it low and slow, you can always eat another serving later
  • Set the mood before you enjoy your edible to maximize your enjoyment


  • Start with a low dose (2.5mg – 5mg is recommended)
  • Wait a minimum of 45 minutes before eating another serving
  • Keep edibles in a sealed container and away from minors
  • Do not operate vehicles or heavy machinery


  • 3 – 4 hours
  • Effects may last longer for folks with a natural sensitivity to THC


  • Avoid eating more than 2 servings if it’s your first time with edibles
  • Avoid eating edibles on an empty stomach, it can induce an overconsumption event
  • Consume edibles if you don’t know the dosage

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